SoundProofing has never been simpler!

QuietGlue Pro is dispensed from lightweight tubes onto your plasterboard sheet. No other product can offer the same soundproofing performance and ease of use. Need help with your soundproofing project? Call us today.

Recording Studios

Recording Studio owners know how important it is to get soundproofing right the first time. Why leave things to chance? Our experts are musicians and audio engineers themselves and have been involved with many hundreds of studio builds and conversions. Call today for friendly, knowledgeable advice.

Home Cinema

QuietGlue Pro is used in the construction of home cinemas for its advanced soundproofing capabilities. Don’t start building your cinema until you’ve spoken to the experts.


QuietGlue Pro offers the simplest and most cost effective way of maximising soundproofing performance in ceilings, stud walls and timber frame constructions. Contact us for friendly soundproofing advice regarding your new build or renovation project.

Houses and Apartments

QuietGlue Pro is used every day in housing renovation projects and by home owners looking to live a more peaceful existence. To deal with noisy neighbours, or you to keep your own noise inside, contact us on the number above and speak to an expert.

Independent Lab tests show that QuietGlue Pro outperforms all other sound damping glues and costs less!

QuietGlue Pro is easy to use and proven to work with over 1 million square metres installed worldwide.

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Of all soundproofing materials, QuietGlue Pro is by far the easiest to work with.

Read through the Installation Instructions and then browse our How To Soundproof page to learn how it is used.


QuietGlue Pro takes an innovative approach to improving soundproofing in buildings.

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It is essential to make informed choices about soundproofing methods and materials.

Browse the following articles to compare QuietGlue Pro with Green Glue and Mass Loaded Vinyl.


Drawings and instructions for soundproofing walls with QuietGlue Pro.


Drawings and instructions for soundproofing floors against airborne and impact noise.


Drawings and instructions for soundproofing ceilings against airborne and impact noise.


In addition to QuietGlue Pro we sell many of the other materials you will need in your soundproofing project.

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Soundproofing can be complex, especially if you are upgrading an existing building to combat noise.

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