I’m confused – where do I start?
If you’ve read our Introduction to Soundproofing and you’re still not sure how to proceed, just contact us and we’ll do the hard work for you.

What are your delivery charges?
It depends on your location and your requirements. For UK courier deliveries (excludes plasterboard and acoustic insulation) we charge just £7.99 per order. Please use our quotation form for all other destinations or for other soundproofing products.

Is QuietGlue Pro a magic soundproofing material?
Sadly no! The result you will achieve is based on the overall soundproofing properties of your wall, floor or ceiling – not just the QuietGlue Pro. However, in almost all types of building, the soundproofing performance is significantly improved by adding QuietGlue Pro, provided it is used correctly. To quickly determine the correct usage for your building, please contact us.

Can I add plasterboard and QuietGlue Pro directly to my wall?
This is a very common question and the answer is true for most soundproofing materials, not just QuietGlue Pro!

  • If it is a studwall with a cavity containing acoustic insulation then YES you can add sheets directly and you will see a considerable improvement, especially at mid and high frequencies.
  • If it is a solid wall then NO we recommend you create a ‘decoupled’ wall lining like our wall systems 6 and 7 for Brick Walls. Adding sheets directly to a brick / block wall limits the improvement considerably and you would have to add enough layers to double the mass of the wall in order to half the sound level currently getting through! This phenomenon is commonly known as ‘Mass Law’ and applies regardless of the product you are using. A decoupled system, however, gets you a much bigger improvement with far fewer layers of plasterboard.

Should I use standard or acoustic grade plasterboard?
We recommend acoustic plasterboard as it is heavier, since extra mass = extra soundproofing. If you are on very tight budget or are trying to reduce costs for a large project then standard plasterboard will suffice. The performance difference is not enormous but for an average size project the extra cost of acoustic plasterboard is a worthwhile investment.

Can you install QuietGlue Pro for me
It depends entirely on where you are based – drop us an email with your location to find out the best way forward.

Can I install QuietGlue Pro myself

  • If you are competent at DIY and are comfortable using hand tools then you will be fine building some studwork and adding your plasterboard with QuietGlue Pro. You’ll probably want to get a plasterer or dryliner in to refinish the final surface before decorating.
  • If you are hiring somebody to do the work for you, choose a competent local builder or a site joiner. Make sure they speak to us briefly if you want to ensure they install your soundproofing properly.

What kind of result will I get?
This depends on many factors such as:

  • The correct solution being specified
  • The system being installed properly
  • The nature of your existing construction (some buildings are more affected by ‘flanking’ noise than others)
  • Realistic expectations! (our psychology is a huge influence on how we perceive sound, and we all hear things differently depending on our mood)

Can’t I just use egg boxes on my walls for soundproofing?
This is the oldest soundproofing myth in the book. Not only will they achieve you nothing, they also pose a fire risk!

If you have a target noise level (for example to pass Part E pre completion testing) then make sure you speak to one of our soundproofing experts for advice.