How to Install QuietGlue Pro

QuietGlue Pro is the highest performing, lowest cost soundproofing compound on the market, designed to be very cost effective for new build and renovation projects. QuietGlue Pro damping compound is fast, easy to use, and it works.

Independent lab tests prove that just one layer of QuietGlue Pro between two layers of plasterboard dissipates more noise than other leading brands.

Prepare Assembly

Apply flexible acoustic sealant around any electrical boxes, exposed seams (if any), or other penetrations on the existing assembly.

Cut panels for the second layer to fit around electrical boxes or other openings (as necessary). For best results use QuietPutty around all electrical boxes. Make sure the plasterboard surfaces are clean and free of loose fibres like sawdust and acoustic insulation.

Cutting an opening on the
QuietGlue Pro tube

Cut top of tube and attach nozzle to the opening. Cut the tip of the nozzle creating an opening of 6 – 10mm.
A 900ml US ‘Quart’ size caulking gun is required to apply Quiet Glue Pro. You can buy these from ourselves or your local QuietGlue Pro Stockist.

Applying QuietGlue Pro

Leave a 25 – 50mm edge around the plasterboard panel for easier handling. Apply QuietGlue Pro evenly on the panel with a thickness of around 10mm.
QuietGlue should evenly cover 10% – 20% of the entire surface area of panel: Two tubes per 4’X8’ sheet (approx 0.7 tubes per SQM)

Installing the Panel

Before placing the second layer, apply flexible acoustic sealant around the perimeter of
the existing wall. Place second layer of panel on top of existing layer, sandwiching the QuietGlue Pro in between. Insert screws along the edge about every 300mm, as well as through the studs. Screws used should penetrate at least 25mm into a wooden stud, or 16mm into steel studs. If possible, stagger the seams for best acoustic performance. Finish assembly as desired. Wait 24-48 hours before painting, sealing, or applying any other liquid components. If the finished floor is lower than the bottom of the plasterboard then sealant must be applied to the bottom edge in order prevent leakage. Contact us for advice about your specific situation.

Use normal care and precaution when working with QuietGlue Pro

  • QuietGlue Pro begins to dry within 5 minutes after application to any surface. However, it requires a full 15 days to completely dry,after which the full sound damping capability of your new wall or ceiling will be achieved.
  • Cure time is 24-48 hours. Working time is 15 minutes.
  • Cleanup with soap and water.
  • Follow all building code regulations and guidelines when completing any construction project.
  • QuietGlue Pro contains no hazardous materials. Dispose of excess QuietGlue Pro in the same responsible manner as you would any
    building material.