New Buildings

If you work for a construction company or you are planning a self-build project you doubtless know a little about noise and its implications in new buildings.

Whilst building regulations are gradually catching on to the importance of good building acoustics (for example Part E testing for residential; BB93 for schools), the potential benefits of cutting-edge soundproofing technology are well beyond legislation. Harnessed properly, this technology can dramatically improve quality of life for those that live and work in new buildings.

QuietGlue Pro offers significant benefits over conventional construction and soundproofing methods. For example, when sandwiched between two layers of plasterboard it takes up less than 2mm of space! The technology also counters low frequency noise far more effectively than other approaches. This makes it ideal for containing loud music and sound from home cinemas and large speaker systems.

These characteristics, in addition to being lightweight and easy to work with, make QuietGlue Pro the ideal solution to soundproofing in new buildings.

For more information on the suitability of QuietGlue Pro for your particular application, please contact one of our experts via telephone or email.