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If you’re planning to soundproof a wall, floor or ceiling, there are a few products you’ll need to purchase in addition to your QuietGlue Pro.

Here’s some information and guide pricing for all the soundproofing products we supply. If you have any questions please contact us and speak to one of our helpful experts.

All the soundproofing products in this section can be delivered to most locations in Europe. Check to see if your country is on our list of shipping destinations. and then get a quotation.

QuietGlue Pro
Revolutionary soundproofing material
Apply 2 tubes per 2400mm x 1200mm (8′ x 4′) sheet of plasterboard
1 tube: £13.99 inc VAT Quote Me
Box of 12 tubes: £149.99 inc VAT Quote Me | Buy Now

QuietGlue Pro Applicator
US Quart Size – 3 times the size of your caulking gun!
Robust construction
1 Applicator: £18.99 inc VAT Quote Me | Buy Now

Acoustic Sealant
For sealing joins and perimeter gaps around plasterboard
Approx 10M per tube
Fire retardant
1 Tube: £3.49 inc VAT Quote Me
Box of 25 Tubes: £59.99 inc VAT Quote Me

EQ Acoustics Studwall Isolator
1200mm x 90mm x 6mm
Place under all metal or timber frame studwalls to minimise vibration transfer
Do not allow plasterboard to touch floor
Composition: rubber
1 Isolator: £5.99 inc VAT Quote Me

EQ Acoustics Floorboard Isolator
2000mm x 50mm x 8mm
Glue to top of floor joist before laying floor
Reduces impact noise (foot steps)
Composition: foam
Pack of 20: £24.99 Quote Me

Resilient Bars (AKA Resilient Channel)
Decouples plasterboard from studwork / ceiling joists
Only 1350mm long – exclusive practical size!
13.5mm thickness on a wall / ceiling
Fix rows every 600mm on walls and 400mm on ceilings
Pack of 10: £19.99 inc VAT Quote Me

UK Only Products

We can deliver the following soundproofing materials to most mainland United Kingdom locations. Delivery costs vary but are generally around £30 inc VAT per order. As with the products above, please use our quote form to get a price.

If you are based outside mainland UK, you will be able to purchase similar materials from a builders merchants in your area.

Acoustic Plasterboard / Drywall
Each sheet measures 2400mm x 1200mm
12.5mm sheets: £9.35 to £11.49 inc VAT Quote Me
15mm sheets: £9.99 to £11.99 inc VAT Quote Me

Rockwool RWA45 Insulation
Each acoustic slab measures 1200mm x 600mm
50mm slabs – 9 Pack: £17.99 to £22.99 inc VAT Quote Me
100mm slabs – 4 Pack: £15.99 – £20.99 inc VAT Quote Me